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You’re a learner ☜

You’ve decided you’ll grow as a person. It’s time. You’re looking for a course maybe, or a book to read, or a community to join. At the very least, you’re looking for a place with new people.

Or… You’re a creator ☜

Maybe you’ve been trying to put together a digital product to sell to your audience…

But every product idea you have feels costly and time-consuming.

You’re looking for a small bet.

I’d like to connect both of you, those who have learned and have something to teach, and those of you who are starting to learn, and are going in a new direction.

Books are a great way to learn. What if books were the answer?

I’m Pascal and I’m building ReadWith. Read on or sign up to be the first to know when it launches.

Books are great.
Books have their problems.

People don’t read books because books are… expensive.

Expensive? Compared to a course that runs $500 or $2,000, a book at $19 is a bargain! How can I say that a book is expensive?

The cost of reading a book is in saying no to all the other books you could be reading instead.

And the cost of reading a book is in your own urgency for change.

A book is a lot cheaper. But which book should I be reading?

I could take this course instead. Plenty of people enrolled. But it’s real expensive. It'll be a real time commitment.

This book will require me to change my mind on something. I don’t have the energy to do this alone.

What if it’s the alone part that’s the problem…

Let’s say you could read a book at the same-ish time as someone else. Get that person’s perspective.

What if you already respect that person’s thoughts and opinions? Maybe that person’s a friend of yours. Maybe that person is someone you follow on social media.

What if you could read that book with that person?

ReadWith will help you read a book as if you’re reading it at the same time as someone else.

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What product to build?

On the other hand, maybe you’re a creator. You’ve been thinking of putting together a small product. But what? A course maybe, a short book, a place where you can put what you’ve learned for sale. Those all take time and a special dedication to put to market.

People say you should start by selling your “sawdust”, the side-effects of an activity you’re already doing.

You’ve been reading books anyway. What if you could sell your reading notes? Specifically, what if you could sell those reading notes to people who follow you and who are on a journey to get more thoughtful?

Instead of starting/joining a reading club…
Instead of creating/joining a course…
Instead of writing a book…
Instead of creating a small product…
Instead of reading a book alone...

How it works:
ReadWith will let you read a book at the same-ish time as someone else by letting you see the other person’s notes only when you’re up to the same point in the book. This opens up some possibilities…

Imagine this:

  • A way to re-read a book you've previously read, but this time re-discovering your past reading notes as if you’re reading it with a friend
  • A way to sell the side-effects of all the books you've read: your reading notes, your reactions at specific points in the book, the insights you’ve made through the book
  • A way to organize asynchronous book clubs for the people you know online
  • A way to initiate deep conversations with the people you trust
  • A way to find different perspectives on the book you’re planning to read
  • A way to read a book as the same-ish time as someone else

I’m Pascal Laliberté, and I’m building ReadWith, a small app to read books as the same-ish time as other people.

I currently have two books you can read with me. See my profile page to see which books you can currently read with me by purchasing my reading notes directly in ReadWith.

If you’re interested in being the first to know about ReadWith’s developments (and be first to secure your username), sign up to be notified below and I’ll be in touch.